Numerics-A Test

The Numerics-A Test is a high-range IQ assessment granting a maximum score of up to 160. There is no need for pressure as there is no time limit.

Numerics A takes you through a sequence of easy-to-hard questions accurately assessing your numerical aptitude. It presents you with 15 questions calling upon your numerical intelligence to provide the appropriate number-based variable. The answer could be a part of an existing pattern, series or progression, or it will involve basic arithmetic, abstract logic, or even any combination thereof.

Feel free to use any writing implements you prefer, and a calculator is allowed. Don’t take the test more than twice and do not discuss the questionnaire with anyone else if you value accuracy.

Good luck with your free Numerics-A Test and always consider the question at hand carefully to see that you understand its context and implications before answering – you’ve got unlimited time.

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IQ Norm table per raw score

IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15
1 79 5 105 9 125 13 155
2 80 6 110 10 130 14 160
3 90 7 115 11 135 15 165
4 100 8 120 12 145

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