The Zolmega Test

The Zolmega Test is a high-range IQ assessment granting a score of up to 176. There is no time limit and the assessment consists of a series of 20 alphanumerical items.

Your score is determined through a range of questions involving numerical logic, symmetry, basic mathematics, abstract reasoning within a logical framework, and series identification.

As one of the longer and more complex IQ assessments, it is recommended that you spend a minimum of two hours on the test.

You’re allowed to take notes and make written calculations, and pocket calculators are also allowed. Discussing the test is prohibited and solutions should not be directly sought from thirty-party sources as this compromises the accuracy of the test completely. You are however allowed to use external references to clarify.

Only the first and second results are accepted as accurate. Good luck with your free Zolmega Test and remember - take the time to completely clarify the question within your perceptual understanding before attempting to solve each item.

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IQ Norm table per raw score

IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15
1 100 6 120 11 140 16 160
2 104 7 124 12 144 17 164
3 108 8 128 13 148 18 168
4 112 9 132 14 152 19 172
5 116 10 136 15 156 20 176

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