Logics - 20 (IQ) Test

The Logics – 20 (IQ) Test is a high-range IQ assessment designed to give you a score based on your ability to process visual information and reason within an abstract perceptual environment. Your spatial reasoning is called upon through a series of twenty questions presenting a logical pattern of images or linear figures.

The total testing time measures 12-minutes and you’re not allowed to discuss your questions. Writing anything down is also disallowed. Testing gives the most accurate score on your first or second submission only.

Determine which spatial item fills in the variable, logically, and complete either the whole test or as much if it as you can within the allocated time.

All questions are culture-fair therefore requiring no specific logical information to be able to solve, but you do need to be quick.

Good luck with your free Logics – 20 (IQ) test and do not allow yourself to get stuck on any part of the test for more than a minute or two.

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IQ Norm table per raw score

IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15 IRaw score IQ sd 15
1 66 6 102 11 124 16 150
2 74 7 108 12 128 17 156
3 82 8 112 13 132 18 162
4 90 9 116 14 138 19 166
5 96 10 120 15 144 20 170

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