The Astral-IQ Test

IQ Score 102

Such score is attained approximately by
34.4% people

What does my IQ score mean?

Your IQ score falls into one of seven different classifications, assuming the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is used. The basic classifications their and deviations are:

  • 130 and above Very Superior
  • 120 to 129 Superior
  • 109 to 119 High Average
  • 90 to 109 Average
  • 80 and 89 Low Average
  • 70 and 79 Borderline
  • 69 and below Extremely Low
What does my IQ score mean?

Test Explanation

The Astral-IQ test is a high-range spatial IQ assessment granting a score of up to 145. Your ability to reason within a perceptual environment and the extent of your capabilities to visualize images and objects making a logical analysis within the mind’s eye are called to the fore. Good spatial reasoning reflects an affinity for deriving understanding from a limited amount of abstract or visual information.

A total of 30 questions presenting visual patterns, sequences, and linear depictions are presented and you are required to fill in the variable.

Only your first and second test results are considered to be accurate with further testing giving negligible results. Discussing the test in any way is prohibited, and you’re not allowed to write anything down or make use of any external resources or tools.

Good luck with your free Astral-IQ test and remember that it’s far better to skip over a question than wasting time trying to decipher an answer.

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IQ Rank IV
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Total time spent00:17:45

15 correct answers
11 incorrect answers
4 skipped questions

The IQ Test Origins, Meaning, and Significance

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  1. A Brief History of Intelligence Testing

    1. Early Developments
    2. Alfred Binet and the invention of the modern IQ test
  2. IQ Testing Today

    1. The spread of intelligence: IQ scores and the bell curve
    2. Standard deviation: How common β€” or uncommon β€” is your score?
    3. IQ scores and labels: How many points equals a genius?
    4. IQ testing and reliability: Can we trust IQ tests to give consistent results?
    5. IQ testing and validity: Do IQ tests actually measure intelligence?
  3. IQ and You
    1. IQ scores and job status
    2. IQ scores and job performance

Concluding Thoughts



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Result Report: The Astral-IQ Test

Denmark S9

  • IQ Score 102
  • Time 00:17:45

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The Astral-IQ Test

IQ tests measure your score relative to others so accuracy depends upon the quality of data being used to calculate scores.
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