CFIQ Test Statistics - Yemen

Avg. IQ
Max Score
poll25 spatial items
alarm30 minutes time-limit
graphic_eqIQ up to 168

The CFIQ Test, or Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test, is a high-range IQ assessment granting a maximum score of up to 168. Under the pressure of a 30-minute time limit, it calls upon your spatial intelligence to answer a selection of 25 questions.

These require you to use your capabilities to comprehend and process three-dimensional images, geometry and shapes logically. Your right-hand brain affinity is used extensively through this test, with each test item using spatial recognition and spatial reasoning questions to solve.

See how you score from a questionnaire presenting 25 spatial items which don’t require conventional verbal knowledge to solve but instead use your ability to visualize objects within the mind’s eye.

The first score you obtain is the most accurate and retesting is therefore not recommended.

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